Monday, June 24, 2013

Dino Birthday!!

June 23, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Caroline!! 
I can't believe another year has flown by!!  You are such a joy and an amazing child!  Your Daddy and I are blessed beyond Measure to be your parents! 

You decided on a Dinosaur birthday Party and since I knew it was going to be only days before your Baby Brother would be born we decided to have your party outside of our home.  We decided on Goody's Frozen Yogurt Place because you love it.  This was also your very first party where we invited your little friends! It turned out to be a fantastic party and you and all of your little friends had a great time!  The only thing that would have made it better it if Gracyn had been able to come, but Her Baby Brother decided to make his grand entrance the day before!! Crazy how close your Birthday, Cole's birthday, and Brooks's birthday are!!! 
The Birthday Girl!

Cutest Dino Cake!

Party Favors!

Little Friends!!

Enjoying the Party!

We had a Dino Mite time!! 

Love you more than you will ever know!
Momma Katie

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last outing before the boys!

June 8, 2013

Today Peevy and I took you and Gracyn on one last special outing before baby boys arrived.  Peevy and I wanted to have one last day with just you two girls. We had out lunch at Chili's, Frozen Yogurt, and we went to Build A Bear!  Just doing this was a full day especially being so Pregnant!! HA!  It was a wonderful day! I Cherish the time we have when it is just "The Girls". 

         Our sweet Little Girls!

Building Those Bears!

Ice Cream?  Yes, Please!!!

These little darlings are going to be the best Big Sisters!  Their Brothers are so lucky to have them!! 

Love you so much!
Momma Katie! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break!

March 24, 2013Caroline,This past week was your spring break and it was packed full of fun! It actually started last Friday because that was an In service day! So we decided to head to the Tulsa zoo for the day!
The weather was amazing! I think it was the first day of beautiful spring weather! Mimi took you to lunch and the Monkey House with Drake, Ella, and Isaac!
Silly Girls having fun!

Happy, Hot, and Tired!

You got a New Baby Bunny from Papa that you named Bun Bun. This is the cutest little bunny I have ever seen too! It is called a lionhead Rabbit, I guess because it looks like it has a lions mane around it's head.
Caroline and Bun Bun!

You went to the movies with Gigi. You all went to see the croods. I have no photo of this outing because Gigi did not send me any.
Outfit and accessories of Choice for Movie day!

You ended your spring break with Schnitzel over at Gigi and Pops's house. Right now schnitzel is your favorite thing to eat!
I would say you had a great spring break thanks to the wonderful family that loves you so much!

Love you,Momma Katie!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Field Trip - Stephen Fite Concert!

February 26,2013 Caroline, Today was a big field trip day with First Place Academy. They really go above and beyond for you and all of the children that attend FPA! You all got to go see Stephen Fite concert at the Alma Performing Arts Center! I am happy to say that Eric and I were able to go with you and your class on this field trip! When we arrived and they let us all in and we got seated on the front row. You and all of your classmates were able to dance around to the fun music that was playing before the concert began. Once the concert began there was lots of singing and dancing that you got to join in on! It was a Journey on a Pirate ship with Captain Stephen and it was a great concert. You were up doing the moves to the songs and singing along! It feels my heart with joy to just sit back and watch you enjoying music and dance so much. We had a Wonderful time with you and your class! You are a special little Girl and I am so Thankful for First Place Academy! What an amazing Preschool it is! I love you Sweet Girl! Momma Katie

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Sleepover!

February 24, 2013 Caroline, It was A Family Sleepover Weekend! Clint,Peevy, amd Gracyn came down for the weekend. It had been so long since we have all gotten together for some quality Time! You and Gracyn were so happy to see each other and played the entire night! This was the first time you were both together in a while and both you were talking about the Baby Brothers with lots of excitement! This is funny to me because I know it won't be long before the little brothers are going to all over the place trying to invade your "Little Girl Time!" The Daddies enjoyed their time together and Peevy and I certainly enjoyed our visit! Our family sleepover will soon be changing when these two little boys arrive! I am looking forward to our future Family Sleepovers and get togethers! Love you, Momma Katie!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Little Valentine's

February 14,2013 Happy Valentine's Day Caroline, We had a nice low key Valentine's celebration at home this year. We actually celebrated the weekend before since Daddy Eric was working on Valetine's Day and in my opionion it is always better to just celebrate on a weekend.We worked on Valentine's for your Class at Schools during the day. We made these really cute Valentine Robots out of Juice boxes! They were a little bit harder to actually make then you or I realized! But We did it and they turned out great! An Army of Valentine Robots!

Valentine Treat Bags!

We also made super cute little treat bags with a heart bubble ring, Smarties, and a big sticker in side! These also turned out great! The valentine making took up most of our afternoon! Then it was time to begin cooking and baking for our little Valentine's meal!We started with the dessert. We decided to make ooey gooey butter bars and mix in Valentine colored M&m's. In my head this seemed like a great idea, however once the m&m's were mixed in I realized that you weren't going to be able to see them.

Oh well at least they would still be tasty and you did most of the work on them too! We popped them into the oven. I went to check on them and sadly droped the pan and almost all of them spilled out into the oven! Major Valentine Desert FAIL! We were able to save enough of the mix to make seven. I think this turned out to be the ugliest desert ever but you were still happy about them and they did taste ok. Once Daddy got home we surprised him with a fun and cheesy Valentine's table set up and a nice dinner with some ugly hearts for dessert!

We had a great time just being together and celebrating the Day of Love! You and Daddy Eric are my Valentine's year round! I love you both so much! br /> Love,Momma Katie

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Baby Brother For Caroline!

January 25, 2013


Well we found out earlier this week that you will be getting a Baby Brother this Summer. You were most certain it was going to be A sister, you really really wanted it to be a girl. So this news was not what you wanted to hear. However you are coming around a little... You have stopped calling him stinking pants and you talk him now. However you are still talking about getting a Baby Sister too! I know this was God's plan for us and I know it is perfect, sometimes it just takes us a little while to get on board and understand.

It will be a big new adventure for us all! The best part is YOU will always be my Absolute Favorite Little Girl!!

I Love you!
Momma Katie!